OXYGEN​ therapy

Oxygen Therapy

When we breathe, we bring oxygen into the bloodstream through the lungs. Oxygen is absorbed from the air and carried through the bloodstream with the aid of the heart to all parts of the body where it is essential for cell life and damage repair. The oxygen treatment we offer at the centre is designed to optimise the oxygen uptake in the blood.

This therapy simply involves breathing oxygen in a chamber under pressure – nothing more frightening than that. Supervision is by trained and experienced operators who will talk you through the process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Anyone wishing to access oxygen therapy should be prepared to commit to an initial intensive course, usually one session per day, five days (Monday to Friday), for three weeks. If this is not possible (either due to personal circumstances or centre capacity), the closer together the first 10-20 sessions can be attended, the greater the potential effectiveness of the therapy.

Ear and sinus discomfort like that encountered during flying may occur, but this can be resolved by adjusting the pressure. You must inform the operator if you experience any ear pain.

Starting your treatment

The centre follows a protocol for new clients, depending on the condition, experience, and the advice of our medical consultant. Each session lasts about one hour and 30 minutes, including one hour under pressure.

While in the chamber

You will be given a mask to wear, and the operator will help you put your mask on and make sure you are comfortable.

To pass the time during your treatment you may take with you reading material, phones, iPad, etc. (maximum 24 volts). Please be aware when taking in electronic devices, you do so at your own risk; the centre will not be liable for any breakages. Please wear comfortable, non-static clothing, additionally, outdoor shoes are not allowed in the chamber, however, we do have blue covers for using over outdoor shows. We recommend slippers or cosy socks.

Any flammable material or items that are likely to cause fire are strictly forbidden. So is eating, sucking sweets or chewing gum. Water is allowed in a non-sealed container. Once your session has finished, please feel free to stay and have a cuppa, this is part of therapy.

Oxygen Therapy Room

We also have an oxygen therapy room, this room is not under pressure; the purpose of this room is to enable clients to get the benefits of Oxygen Treatment, without having to be enclosed in a pressure chamber for a fixed period of time.

The oxygen source and delivery system are identical to the chamber. We use close-fitting masks to deliver oxygen and vent the exhaled breath. The room pressure is however one atmosphere plus or minus normal daily atmospheric variations.

The room is suitable for people who are claustrophobic, those who suffer from ear pain or other issues resulting from pressure changes. It should be noted that clients are free to leave at any time should this be necessary.