Kinetic Chain Release Therapy (KCR)

What is Kinetic Chain Release Therapy (KCR)

KCR involves a series of joint mobilisations and stretches, carefully crafted to bring about postural changes. It has a profound effect on the human body, can completely correct the body’s balance, freeing physical and energetic blocks. 

Bringing the body back in to balance can alleviate problems such as weak ankles, knee problems, hip and joint pain, pelvic discomforts, back, shoulder and headaches. Energy levels will increase dramatically when the body is in balance. 

Athletes from the everyday to the elite use the KCR protocol to significantly enhance performance and maintain their edge.

KCR is a gentle and non-invasive therapy, everyone can benefit from, it is safe for all ages.

If you have a physical disability associated with your pain, Kim will take the treatment at a pace you are comfortable with and can manage. At no point will she go beyond your physical or emotional limitations.

What You Can Expect After KCR Treatment

Everyone’s experience varies, depending on their specific conditions, and general state of wellbeing, most people report that the feel ‘lighter’, ‘looser’, and ‘taller’. 

Clients have often reported that they find KCR an enjoyable treatment, leaving them feeling both relaxed and energised at the same time.